About Us

Peter Lambert-GorwynThe management team at Specialist Coatings (GB) Limited has been actively engaged in anti-corrosion surface protection for over thirty five years, specialising in internal tank lining solutions. We operate globally and support a host of companies from a diverse range of sectors, including chemical plants, hotels, oil refineries, tank farms, schools, breweries, wineries, tanneries, water and effluent treatment plants, maritime and offshore facilities. We have completed projects throughout the UK, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, The Seychelles, Australasia, Central and Western Europe, the North Sea and the Far East.

Experience gained over many years of working with difficult and unusual tank lining applications led to Specialist Coatings developing a specialised service solution for the lining and sealing of tanks, including those considered too old to be repaired. By adding an impervious neutral barrier to the internal surfaces of bulk storage tanks, we are able to ensure the purity and safe containment of your product.

We have the expert knowledge and technical capabilities to extend the practical working life of existing tanks by many years and at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. For total peace of mind, we maintain exacting standards, use the right materials and tools for the job, and test the results until we are fully satisfied.

Our company has grown rapidly in recent years and our wide range of services include the recommendation and supply of specialised paints and coating materials, the installation of our range of applications and the provision of site management and supervisor inspection teams. Our services are available as a single turn-key operation or on a consultancy basis, including the specification of suitable lining, coating and flooring materials, surface preparation and product application, and quality control. We also offer an inspection and testing service on behalf of clients for work carried out by other coating contractors.

In addition to installing our technically advanced tank coating and lining applications, we can supply a range of resin materials and repair kits. Our materials can be purchased directly and are suitable for both commercial and domestic tank lining and other projects.

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