Majestic Hotel, Bournemouth, Potable Water Tank Lining

The Majestic Hotel in Bournemouth has three galvanised steel cold water storage tanks located on the hotel roof. All three tanks required lining with a potable water tank lining system to ensure they comply with current water regulations and can be maintained more easily.


  • The work on all three tanks had to be carried out during the hotel’s three day shutdown period.
  • The two larger tanks were constructed of riveted heavy steel and likely to be the original tanks that were installed when the hotel was built during the 1930s.
  • Both riveted water tanks displayed advanced stages of corrosion and very deep pitting.
  • A hole was found in the floor of a smaller, galvanised steel water tank and it was being held together by rust.

Pre Treatment

Our Solution

For this project, we used our potable water tank lining system with manual surface preparation. We repaired the hole on the floor of the galvanised steel tank by cleaning and priming the steel. A special resin mortar was applied to the area to strengthen and seal it. A metal plate was then imbedded into the resin paste and everything was coated with our water tank lining system.

After Treatment


The project was completed on time and with minimum disruption to the hotel. Following completion, it would have been possible to introduce water to the tanks six hours after the final application of resin. The refurbishment will extend the practical working life of these cold water tanks by another twenty years.