Skotan Zaklady Garbarskie, Poland: Tannery Effluent Tank Lining

A tannery in Poland was experiencing a problem with three concrete tanks used to contact process chemical waste products from their factory. Each tank, 80% of which was standing above ground level, was of vertical cylindrical design with funnel shaped floors sloping at 45°. Built from reinforced concrete some forty-five years ago, the tanks had been lined with acid-proof tiles. 


  • The tannery was unable to fill the vessels more than 50-60% because the additional pressure caused the tanks to move and crack.
  • The walls were approximately 30cm thick and worn with age.

Our Solution

For this project we used a chemical and abrasion resistant elastomeric lining material. It had excellent resistance to the chemicals in use, offered excellent abrasion resistance and could tolerate the stretching and flexing of vessels. The tanks were initially steam-cleaned and degreased before being abrasively blast cleaned to loosen any unsound substrate and produce a mechanical profile. After careful vacuum cleaning, the new lining was sprayed on the surface at a thickness of 1.5 – 2mm using plural feed airless hot paint spray.