Staper: Paper Mash Tank Lining Repairs

Staper, a company operating within the paper industry, instructed us to perform patch repairs to the epoxy resin lining of three of their starch holding tanks.


  • The tank agitators required particular attention, which were heavily corroded.

Before Treatment

Our Solution

The area surrounding one tank agitator had been replaced with a metal plate. It was our client’s intention to do the same in the remaining two tanks. However, we were able to recommend the application of a patch repair to the lining, which would deliver considerable cost savings and reduced tank downtime. We began by grit blasting and priming the patches, which were then covered with two layers of chemically resistant resin.

After Treatment


From the outset of this project we were able to provide significant financial benefits whilst reducing downtime. The tank lining system was installed within a single day and the tanks were returned to use twenty four hours after the final application of resin.