Case Study

Caterham Cars Ltd

A dust-free solution to Health and Safety hazards

Caterham Cars Ltd, one of Britain's leading racing car manufacturers, contacted us with a problem regarding the safety of some floor areas in the warehouse of their manufacturing facility. The mentioned areas consisted of concrete slabs which have shifted over the years, creating an uneven surface and subsequent trip hazards. They were looking for a temporary solution, seeing as they were planning on moving their production premises within a year's time.

The first step was to grind down the uneven areas, using vertical and diamond grinding equipment. In this area where a variety of expensive engine and automotive components were stored, many of them covered with a thin layer of oil for protection, our dust-free filtration system showed it's true worth. By producing zero dust during the abrasion process, no threat was caused to the exposed stored products - to our clients great relief and satisfaction.

Following the abrasion process we filled up the remaining uneven areas with a mixture of resin and stone. We then covered the whole area with a high strength binding and chemical resistant coating, creating a smooth, safe surface.