Hot Water Tanks

Hot Water Tanks

Hot water causes extensive corrosion, cratering and pitting in a short amount of time.

We use a lining system with cross-linking glass flake reinforcement technology which creates an impenetrable surface forming a durable barrier resistant to abrasion and erosion.

Our high-temperature resistant lining system will fill and cover any previous cratering giving a smooth finish and looking better than new, we rigorously test the treated surface for coating thickness and ensure the absence of micro-porosity from the new lining.

This lining system will provide outstanding corrosion protection. It is specifically designed for use in aggressive immersion temperature environments up to 120oC

Existing tanks are brought back into optimal use and extended tank expectancy by 15+ years until first maintenance.

  •  Steam condensate return tanks.
  •  Hot water calorifier tanks.
  •  Fraction of the cost of replacing your tank.
  •  Long-term outstanding protection.
  •  A cost-effective alternative to tank replacement.

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