Case Study

Meat Processing Facility, West Sussex : During recent expansion and modernisation works our client had to move some of the walls.

The Problem

During recent expansion and modernisation works our client had to move some of the walls within the cutting room of the meat processing factory. The existing resin floor in the cutting room that had been installed some years ago was staring to look tired and had suffered mechanical damage in several places. The area around a small office was letting contaminated water in though a damaged fiberglass floor joint seal.The original anti-slip surface had worn away and in its current condition the floor was slippery when wet, difficult to clean and did not meet the requirements of the food hygiene inspectorate officer.Due to production requirements at the food production plant we would only have two days to complete the work.


We abraded the floor with our virtual dust free floor grinding system. Thoroughly clean all surfaces by use of industrial vacuum. To the prepared areas we applied a two-pack epoxy resin primer. Repaired deep holes in the floor, the area around the base of the office in the floor and other low-lying areas with a special resin mortar to add strength to the floor and stop the ingress and build-up of water. Once this had hardened sufficiently applied several coats of solvent free epoxy floor coating incorporating a light anti-slip additive. The treated floor was allowed to harden for 24 hours before being returned to use.

The Results

By using extra fast hardening versions of the resin floor coating materials we were able to complete the work on time and within budget. We provided our client with an easy to clean, seamless non-slip resin floor that is safe to use for in a food production environment and that meets the stringent requirements of the food hygiene inspectorate officer.