Case Study

Merrydown Cider

Merrydown plc, producers of the famous Merrydown Cider and Schloer alcohol-free wines contacted us to look at and potentially treat several areas of floor within their factory. The main problem being the surfaces of the floors had been damaged over the years by pipefitting, glass and tools having being dropped onto it and the fruit juice attacking the concrete, creating a potential hygiene problem that had to be addressed as soon as possible.

We prepared the floors by removing the existing coating. We applied an overall coat of primer then filled the holes with an epoxy mortar mixture and then applied several coats of special floor coating two pack resin to the overall surface. As the finished surface would have been very smooth and a lot of water will be used on the floor, we added non-slip particles to the final coat to avoid a potential slip hazard.

Initially we were called in to treat one floor and now we have treated seven different areas for them.

Floor before Resin Flooring Treatment
Floor after Resin Flooring Treatment

Images above are before and after treatment