Case Study

Ringden Farm : Ringden Farm near Hurst Green on the Kent / Sussex boarder are producers of the high quality

The owners Ringden Farm near Hurst Green on the Kent / Sussex boarder are producers of the high quality, famous Ringden Farm Apple Juices and were carrying out an extensive refurbishment of their juice production facility.

An essential part of the refurbishment program was the floor.

Although the floors of their apple juice production areas had been well maintained over the years by the regular application of a general purpose floor paint, the floors were difficult to clean, slippery when wet and in places the concrete has been attacked by the fruit acids, creating a potential hygiene and safety problem.

In particular the area near and under the fruit press the concrete had been severely corroded by the fruit acid attack. Unless treated this area would have continue to deteriorate. 

The owners of the farm sort our advice regarding this problem.

Following general surface preparation and application of an epoxy resin based primer, our first task was to rebuild the areas of corroded concrete floor with an epoxy resin mortar screed (concrete repair) and then after a suitable hardening time the whole floor was treated and sealed with several coats of our chemical resistant industrial epoxy resin flooring system to provide a seamless floor treatment with an anti-slip finish.

A stronger anti-slip finish was created in key production areas and walkways where there was a risk of slipping on spilt fruit pulp.
The farm now has a hygienic, low maintenance, easy to clean chemically resistant resin floor which incorporates a strong anti-slip finish that we created specifically for their high production quality standards.