Case Study

Wealden Advertiser

Wealden Advertiser, the Kent Based local free paper and printing company, have been investing in new printing equipment in their Hawkhurst print works.

Part of their program included the refurbishment of the floor of their main print shop with an industrial epoxy resin flooring system. The overall surface area to be treated was approximately 450m2.


The existing floor was made from concrete and over the years several new sections of concrete had been added. In a few places "steps” had formed between the sections of concrete which made if difficult when moving pallet trucks of paper around the floor. The floor had been coated with several layers of generic floor paint. Out of hours work to minimis disruption.


To avoid disruption to the client’s main business and to facilitate the installation of the new printing equipment the resin flooring work was carried out in two separate phases or site visits during weekends with the treated surfaces being returned to use for light foot traffic on the Monday morning.

We prepared the floor by diamond grinders with cyclonic vacuums attached to each grinder to control the risk of dust contamination. We removed the "steps” between the concrete sections with our diamond grinders and infilled voids with a fast curing resin mortar mixture.

After thorough cleaning, an epoxy resin primer was applied, followed by a self-smoothing epoxy resin screed in a light grey colour.

The Results

After a suitable hardening period we installed new safety walkways around the print works in a bright green colour. The walkways incorporated with a light anti-slip finish.