Bluestar Fibres, Grimsby: Hot Demineralised Water Tank Lining

Our existing customer, Bluestar Fibres, commissioned us to install an advanced resin tank lining system that could withstand the aggressive atmosphere of a hot demineralised water storage tank.

Before Treatment


  • The carbon steel tank had an existing vulcanised rubber lining, which had completely broken down.

Our Solution

Due to the aggressive environment created by demineralised water, we recommended the use of a glass flake reinforced vinyl ester tank lining system, which would offer a low maintenance and high performance solution. This system is also suitable for the lining of general hot water tanks and steam condensate return tanks.

To offer greater cost advantages, we advised our client to employ a local company to remove the old lining and to grit blast the internal surfaces of the tank. The abrasive grit blasting was carried out to our specification and fully inspected. We the applied our new tank system by airless spray as a multi-coat system. After sufficient curing, it was tested for dry film thickness and absence of micro-porosity.

After Treatment


We completed the project within five days and the tank was returned to service forty eight hours later.