Corroded and Leaking Cold Water Storage Tanks. London Tavern

Specialist Coatings GB Ltd. Fast turnaround for emergency tank repair to leaking cold water storage tanks. 20 years + new working life expected.

The Client

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich, LondonLeaking Galvanised Steel Water Tanks. Wedding Booked!!

During 2018 major refurbishment works at the Trafalgar Tavern it was unexpectedly discovered that the cold-water storage tanks in the roof void were badly corroded and had started seeping water. The tanks in question were a pair of galvanised steel welded tanks of unknown age. Both tanks had started to seep small amounts of water through some locations on the tank walls and also around the pipe connections.


This had to be treated as an emergency repair situation because the client had a wedding booked the following weekend and there was no time to replace the tanks.

All works had to be completed within a single site visit and as quickly as possible.

The client was looking for a long-term repair solution for the tanks.

The tanks were located within the roof void of the building with the only access via a roof hatch.

Both tanks exhibited extreme and advanced corrosion.

Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd: Leaking cold water storage tank repair & lining service.


We arrived on site Monday morning to find that the tanks had been drained for us over the weekend and were dry and ready for the start of our work.

Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd: Corroded steel water tank repair and lining service.

We removed the loose rust and rust scale, cleaned the tank by brush and vacuum ready for application of our tank lining and repair system.

Our water tank joint repair system comprises of several different resin layers, including an anti-corrosion coat, and also woven fibreglass reinforcement bandage.

In situations where there are holes and significant steel loss we also incorporate galvanised steel plates to strengthen and reinforce the tank.

Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd: Corroded steel water tank repair and lining service.

Our impervious 2-pack resin-based water tank repair and lining system have been specially developed for treating heavily corroded tanks that may have been leaking such as those found on this project.

The work is finished in light blue colour.

For commercial reasons, we are unable to show all the different stages of the process, materials and technologies involved.

I would like to mention that we have not yet found a tank that we have been unable to repair and so far we have never had a tank leak that has been treated with our tank lining and repair system.

The Results

These were amongst some of the worst condition tanks that we have ever worked on.

After cleaning and our surface preparation works it was found that both tanks had considerable steel loss in several areas. Tank 1 had 7 holes through the steel and Tank 2 had 5 holes through the steel.

The work was completed in just 3 days and the tanks filled with water first thing the following morning.

All leaks had been stopped.

Our strong, yet flexible, anti-corrosion tank lining system will rejuvenate these tanks for many years to come.

These were two of the most extreme water tanks that we rescued and our work on the tanks avoided the owner the expense and inconvenience of replacing them with new tanks.

With suitable care, these tanks could now last another 20-plus years. Trafalgar Tavern, London. Major refurbishment 2018.

Cold Water Storage Tanks – Before and After Water Tank Lining Treatment

Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd: Corroded steel water tank repair and lining service.

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