Gardners Books

Gardners Books, Britain's largest book wholesaler, is currently trebling its capacity.

The Client

With incredible growth year after year, they are heavily investing in the newest technology for the selection, handling, packing and dispatching of books. They are now changing over to a 24-hour shift system, operating 7 days a week. We are delighted that a company of such stature and reputation has chosen us to treat their floors

The dynamic nature of the client’s business did, however, present us with a unique challenge. A warehouse environment of this size and efficiency operates on a very tight schedule. Time being of the essence, work on the designated surfaces had to be completed quickly and effectively, with minimum disruption to personnel and production.

We overcame this challenge by incorporating the very latest in resin floor coating technology. On the main packing and dispatch surfaces, we used a long-lasting multi-pack solvent-free epoxy resin system, separating and demarking walkways and special-purpose areas with a contrasting colour.

On high-traffic surface areas with extremely tight time constraints, we used an MMA coating system with ultra-fast hardening properties. As a result, we were able to work between shifts on sections of floors and the treated surfaces were able to be returned to active use only 1 hour after the final resin application.

This technique has enabled a company on the scale of Gardners Books to continue doing what they do best – with virtually no interruption.

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