Case Study

London Hospital: Cold Water Tank Refurbishment

A hospital in London required a Braithwaite panel cold water tank to be refurbished. Although the tank was not very old, it was in very poor condition. It had originally been painted with bitumen tank paint, which had broken down. As a tank replacement would have been costly and time consuming, our client commissioned us to refurbish the existing tank in situ. The refurbishment was required to prolong the working life of the tank, make it easier to be cleaned and inspected, and to control the risk of Legionnaire’s Disease developing.


  • This was one of the worst water tanks we had seen to date!
  • The tank was very rusty inside and many deep craters were apparent in the steel.
  • As the tank was located above a ward, work had to be carried out quickly, quietly and fume-free so not to disturb patients or staff
Galvanised Water Tank Lining - Before Treatment

Before Treatment


Our chosen water tank lining system allowed for manual surface preparation, which minimised any disturbances to patients and staff onsite. Following the preparatory work, our new internal lining system, a two-pack liquid resin, was applied in several coats to ensure complete coverage of all surfaces. All treated surfaces were then tested for overall lining thickness and the absence of micro-porosity in the new tank lining.

Galvanised Water Tank Lining - After Treatment

Completed Installation

The Results

The work was completed on time and within budget using our specially designed epoxy resin potable cold water tank lining system. Left untreated, the tank had a very limited lifetime left. We have therefore extended the practical working life of this water storage tank by many years.