Shoreham Power Station: High Temperature Coating

Scottish Power commissioned us to provide an anti-corrosion protective coating to a number of welds on and around a header pipe

The Client

Which was situated on top of a large boiler tank at Shoreham Power Station.


  • The operating temperature was around 150°C.
  • Manual removal of surface rust was required prior to coating.
  • Time limits were imposed during which the work could be carried out.
  • We were required to source a fast-drying paint material with anti-corrosion properties that could withstand high temperatures.

Following treatment


We began the project by abrading the surface to remove existing contamination and to create a mechanical key. The surfaces were then primed and coated with specialist anti-corrosion high-temperature tolerant coating, which was left to cure. The materials used were capable of withstanding dry temperatures up to 500°C.

The Results

The work was completed on time and within budget. The applied coating will protect the welds and joints for several years.

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