Passion Leaf

A company involved in the creation of edible flower arrangements made from fruit, contact us to discuss the possibility of installing a self-smoothing floor system into their newly built premises.

The Client

After our initial consultation, the management at Passion Leaf decided they would also like us to coat their ceiling with an epoxy resin coating system.

Passion Leaf Frame
Variable Ratiol Resin Spray Machine

As the site was a new build there were a number of problems to overcome, namely a lack of lights and adequate power sup[plies, however with the help of Passion Leaf, we were able to overcome them and continue with the job. Due to a brilliant effort on Passion Leaf’s side to mask the newly clad walls, chillers, ventilation and associated ductwork in preparation for coating the ceiling we were able to start almost immediately. We applied the coating material in three applications to the ceiling with our specialist spraying machine.

After the ceiling was completed we abraded the floor with industrial grinders to create a mechanical key and applied a primer coat followed by our self-smoothing system to the floor. Once the main coat had sufficiently hardened we applied a second coat with added anti-slip particles to reduce the risk of slippages when the floor became wet.

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