Smoking Area Floor: Galvanised Steel Checker Plate, Bedford

We were approached by Ian Round of Structured Images Ltd because their client, Club 2000 Bingo in Bedford, wanted to update and modernise the rather dated-looking smoking area they wanted to create a unique space.

The Client

Client: Club Bingo 2000, Bedford

Contractors: Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd, Chippendale Projects Ltd

The Concept

The outside space was in great need of refurbishment, it looked old tired and unwelcoming. The original area consisted of plain grey steel sheet walls on three sides, open railings on the fourth side and a steel checker plate floor.

Structured Images had the vision to rejuvenate this area to create a relaxing environment where clients can smoke and socialise and still enjoy their evening’s entertainment. This also included the installation of a stunning panoramic rural landscape mural fitted to the walls.

Chippendale Projects Ltd was carrying out the structural and re-fitting works. We at Specialist Coatings would be applying a specialised resin floor coating system.

We were to coat 75% of the floor and the remaining 25% of the surface was to be carpeted.

Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment


The designers required the following:

  • A bespoke colour.
  • Tolerant to an outdoor environment.
  • Can be applied to galvanised steel checker plate.
  • Tolerant to high foot traffic.
  • Light anti-slip finish.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Keep its appearance.
  • Ease of repair and maintenance should it be required.
  • Completion and return to service within 24 hours.

A tall order for any product, but we have the solution and the capability to deliver.

Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment


The green colour was chosen by Structured Images to create their vision for their client.

Because of the short timescale and the usage, this surface would be subject to this project we specified for this project a zinc surface tolerant anti-corrosion resin primer followed by our Ultra-Fast system in the bespoke green colour which was specially made for this project.

Our Ultra-Fast System is ideal when a quick turn-around is required. The treated surface can usually be walked on and used 1 hour following application, subject to correct environmental conditions. This is also ideal for treating slippery checker plate fire escapes too.

After removing general debris from the surface we abraded the checker plate surfaces to create a mechanical key.

After cleaning the prepared surfaces we applied a coat of our zinc surface tolerant anti-corrosion resin primer.

After a suitable hardening period we applied multiple coats of our Ultra-Fast systems with anti-slip particles in the required bespoke green colour.

The completed floor surface could be walked on and used 2 hours later.

The Results

The results speak for themselves

Smoking Area Floor - After Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - After Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - After Treatment

Club Bingo 2000 now has a relaxing smoking area where clients can enjoy socialising and still be involved with all the entrainment facilities that the club has to offer.

In the event of over a period time the floor looking starting to wear or start to look tired, we can relay a new top coat layer to the entire floor or just a section of the floor in as little as 2 hours during the morning and the treated/rejuvenated surface/s returned to full use just 1 hour later.

This is of particular benefit to the client because it minimises any interruption.

In the future, we look forward to working with Structured Images on further projects.

Additional Challenges

Approximately 10 days after we had finished, we had a call there was a small technical problem with the floor plus the designer wanted to extend the resin into what had previously been a carpeted area.

We arranged to return to site and address the technical issues, whilst preparing the new area realised where the problem had occurred.

At Specialist Coatings, we work very closely with both the client and designer to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment
Smoking Area Floor - Before Treatment

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