UK Film Council

UK Film Council wanted to up date the look and improve the safety of the floor of the entrance.

The Client

The floor had been treated with a resin-based screed some years ago and now looked rather dated and was slippery when wet.

Cracks had developed in the floor where different substrate materials had been used and also the floor had a large number of steel “Coach Bolt Heads” embedded into the surface.

We removed the coach bolt heads and in-filled the voids with a fast-hardening resin mortar material. We opened up the cracks and installed a flexible joint system which is designed to work with the movement of the floor. After general surface preparation and priming, we applied two coats of solvent-free epoxy resin floor coating in a mid-grey colour incorporating a light anti-slip additive.

The work was performed over a weekend using an Extra Fast Hardening epoxy resin flooring system which ensured that the treated area could be returned to normal use on a Monday morning and without disruption to our client.

After Resin Floor Application

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