Quex Park Estate: Water Tank Lining Project

Quex Park and Museum is a historical house and major tourist attraction built in the late 1800s near Birchington in Kent. The estate manager commissioned Specialist Coatings to restore and repair a significantly corroded and aging galvanised steel cold water tank.


  • The tank was located in a small attic area in a roof void.
  • Due to the limited space and condition of the tank, manual preparation was the only option.
  • During preparation, the heavily scaled, corroded and rusted tank revealed significant damage to its walls.
  • Substantial holes and steel loss around the inlet ball valve were discovered in two of the tank walls, measuring 650mm x 50mm and 200mm x 50mm.
  • These were the worst holes we have ever found in galvanised steel to date and left untreated could have resulted in extensive damage to the property.

Heavy corrosion and rust scale

The holes found in the water tank wall

Our Solution

Under normal circumstances this water tank would have been condemned, which would have caused major expense and inconvenience. However, our water tank repair system enabled us to thoroughly repair the holes and coat the entire water tank, making it completely water tight again. Although repairing the holes extended our schedule by an extra day, our highly skilled technicians and proven tank lining system dealt with unforeseen onsite issues efficiently and with minimum disruption to our clients.


The refurbishment and repair works completed on this cold water tank will extend the practical working life of the tank for a good many years.