TS Royalist

We were commissioned by The Marine Society & Sea Cadets to carry out refurbishment works on-board the square rigger sailing ship, TS Royalist. The ship’s deck and a black water tank located deep in the bilges of the vessel required attention, as part of an extensive refit of the entire ship.


  • Access to the tanks was via two narrow manholes at the top of the tank, either side of a bulkhead: each access point measured only 7” x 28”.

Pre Installation

Our Solution

Within the tank there were internal baffles that split the tank into four sections, with small openings between the tank sections. These areas were abrasive grit blasted and cleaned by vacuum before receiving multiple coats of a chemically resistant resin. Each coat of resin was applied in different colours to ensure a complete coverage was achieved.
We applied a protective anti-slip coating to the coach roof on the deck of the ship.