Evening Star Public House

We were asked to refurbish the men's toilets floor for a pub in Brighton owned by Dark Star Breweries.

The Client

Although the existing floor surface had only been down for just over 12 months, it was in very poor condition. In our opinion, this was due to a lack of correct surface preparation and unsuitable materials used causing flaking. In areas of the floor, the resin had completely flaked off leaving large patches of concrete showing.

This lead to problems with the concrete being saturated with urine, and thus is very difficult to keep clean in places. The new floor was required to be hard-wearing, easy to clean, waterproof, and have an anti-slip finish. As the pub need to open that evening all the new flooring had to be put down in a very short period of time and be trafficable by 7:30 PM the same evening. Areas of the floor were also slightly damp, as having just been cleaned; water had soaked into the concrete patches.

Because of this, and the time constraints, we decide to use a special polyurea-based flooring material with a coloured aggregate and an MMA (methyl-methacrylate) splash back coving and the final surface sealant. All flooring was to be in a bright red, which the client chose. We abraded the surface to provide a mechanical key and primed the coving areas. With a self-manufactured MMA coving paste, we created a splash back coving to fit seamlessly with areas where it was already present. A polyurea coating was then applied with a deep red aggregate broadcast over the top. Once this had cured, (about an hour) we put an MMA sealer over the top which again cured in about an hour. The pub was able to open on time with the toilets in use.

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